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Writer Lite: Writing/Note/Memo

Writer Lite: Writing/Note/Memo

1.65.2 by OneLiteCore
(0 Reviews) January 14, 2024
Writer Lite: Writing/Note/Memo Writer Lite: Writing/Note/Memo Writer Lite: Writing/Note/Memo Writer Lite: Writing/Note/Memo Writer Lite: Writing/Note/Memo Writer Lite: Writing/Note/Memo

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January 14, 2024
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More About Writer Lite: Writing/Note/Memo

Designed with passion and dedication, Writer Lite is ready to be your best assistant in your creation process of writing your new books and fictions. Either you are a professional writer or a budding novelist or just someone who need a note app to make some notes, Writer Lite is for you!

Writer Lite offers many essential features to help you write:

📚 File Management and Bookshelf:

- Organize your creation in a folder-file structure
- Personalize book covers
- Streamlined bulk operations
- Intelligent chapter number recognition and sorting
- Mapping your home folder onto your PC and edit them with PC writer software

📝 Instant Note for Instant Inspirations:

- Open a quick note panel from shortcuts
- Pin a note in your notification bar to remind you
- Organize your note files in an easier way

📈 Effortless Word and Character Tracking:

- Monitor character and word count at a glance
- Track word trends over 7 days.
- Floating widget for quick counts
- Full support for CJK characters

🎨 Customization and Inspiring Themes:

- Pure white or black themes
- Night-friendly dark mode
- Vibrant array of free themes
- Import your own wallpapers

💾 Reliable Backup System:

- Auto-backup on Google Drive and WebDav
- Use custom folder to keep local backup files
- Retrieve data from history records and recycle bin
- Seamlessly export all data with a single click

🔐 Security and Privacy:

- Secure your app with fingerprint or a pattern lock
- Automatic locking when idle
- Blur app screenshots in recent tasks


Writer Lite saves your chapters and notes as plain text files in a configurable folder on your phone's file system, so that you can handle your chapters and notes with most other text or file processing programs, like using other writer apps to open them, or syncing your data between your devices with file hosting services or even git if you are familiar with command lines and GitHub

Why Writer Lite was designed like this? Because what matters the most is your data, not the way or tool you used to create them. Plain text is a well-accepted file type to store text data, you can certainly open a plain text file from 40 years ago with a modern text writer, or a future text writer from 40 years later, there wouldn't be any problems with that


You will never be too careful about your data. To protect your chapters and notes in an effortless way, Writer Lite provides you a simple but reliable backup system. You can use Google Drive or any other file hosting services which support WebDav protocol as a cloud backup server to store the backup files of Writer Lite app. The backup file is just a zip file of the plain text files, you can easily export it from Writer Lite and unzip it with other tools

The backup processing will be scheduled every day and every time you leave Writer Lite, to keep every modification you made safe


To offer the best writing experience to you, we have put much effects on retrofitting every detail of the text editor of our Writer Lite app. You can do most of creation organization jobs without leaving the editor. Writer Lite also provides many tools like Markdown preview, side web browser, editing shortcuts and text snapshots to help you in writing your own chapters and notes


Writer Lite can convert either a whole chapter text or just a single paragraph into an audio file with only few clicks, you can play it directly or share it with your friends. This will be really helpful if you want to make some audiobook from your fictions, novels or notes


We Writer Lite team are dedicated to provide powerful and reliable tools to you and anyone who has passion in writing, and we value your suggestions and feedback, please feel free to contact us at one.lite.core@gmail.com.

May you have a good day
Writer Lite Team

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