3M Interior & Engine Dressing (350 ml bottle) - Cairan Pembersih Interior Mobil bahan vinyl, plastik, karet, dll


Produk perawatan mobil untuk mengkilapkan interior kendaraan anda: vinyl, plastik, kulit  dan permukaan karet.


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3M Interior Dressing (350 ml bottle)


3M Interior Dressing (350 ml bottle) - Digunakan pada bagian berbahan vinyl, plastik, and karet, menghasilkan kilap yang natural


A ready-to-use silicone dressing for use on interior vinyls, plastic, and rubber surfaces. Produces a deep color, natural gloss appearance.

3M™ Interior Dressing is a ready-to-use water-based silicone emulsion designed to restore a natural gloss appearance to all vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic interior vehicle surfaces.


Directions for Use:

1. Spray onto a clean, soft, cotton terry cloth towel and wipe onto the surface, or spray directly onto the surface and wipe. Use enough material to achieve a uniform appearance.

2. Wipe off excess material using a clean, soft, dry terry cloth towel to achieve a natural look and feel.Tips:- For a lower gloss dilute 3M™ Interior Dressing 1:1 with water.-

For a higher gloss use 3M™ Engine Dressing undiluted.